Ruff 2 & 7 Selective Attention Test (2 & 7)

  • Purpose: Measures sustained attention and selective attention
  • Application: Ages 16 to 70 years
  • Administration Time: 5 minutes

The Ruff 2 & 7 Test was developed to measure two aspects of visual attention: sustained attention (ability to maintain consistent performance level over time) and selective attention (ability to select relevant stimuli while ignoring distractors). The test consists of a series of 20 trials of a visual search and cancellation task. The respondent detects and marks through all occurrences of the two target digits: “2” and “7.” In the 10 Automatic Detection trials, the target digits are embedded among alphabetical letters that serve as distractors. In the 10 Controlled Search trials, the target digits are embedded among other numbers that serve as distractors. Correct hits and errors are counted for each trial and serve as the basis for scoring the test. Speed scores reflect the total number of correctly identified targets (hits). Accuracy scores evaluate the number of targets identified in relation to the number of possible targets.

The 2 & 7 Test was standardized and normed for use with adolescents and adults, ages 16-70 years. Results of reliability analyses suggest high internal consistency and high split-half reliability for all 2 & 7 Test measures. Convergent and discriminant validity show that sustained attention is captured by the combination of 2 & 7 Test Speed and Accuracy scores; factorial validity studies confirm that the 2 & 7 Test measures both sustained attention and selective attention. Newly developed and more differentiated scores allow greater sensitivity to neurobehavioral dysfunction. The Professional Manual provides normative and standardization data, information on reliability and validity, and complete instructions for scoring and interpretation of the test. Case studies are presented for scoring illustration.

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